Reputation Advocate Builds Your Online Reputation So You Can Focus on Your Patients.

According to Harris Interactive, 160 million Americans have gone online for health care information. What would they find if they searched your name?

Fact: Most Web users don't question the validity of a negative posting, they just move on. With the click of a mouse, you can lose your good name with patients, peers, or accreditation organizations. 

Fact: There aren't effective laws to protect character defamation on the Internet. Slander can be viewed by anyone, anywhere all the time.

Fact: Fewer people use the Yellow Pages to find a doctor. In the 21st century your search results are becoming your reputation. Improving and securing your online reputation is crucial.

Here's how Reputation Advocate repairs your online reputation.

> Proactive content development
> Positive postings on patient review sites
> Blogs and forums to consistently maintain your online position

Reputation Advocate neutralizes negative content posted on:

> Medical Professional review sites

> Blogs, complaints sites and other online postings

> News Sites

> Government reports and investigations

> Professional investigation reports

> Personal websites

Reputation Advocate helps you take control of your reputation today

Online reputation information is here to stay and doctors need to prepare to use it to their advantage. Reputation Advocate will clean up your search results and, more importantly, secure them from future attacks. Learn more.

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